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Increase your web presence by getting on our mutlple search engines with your Ad Caption in the middle of the Search Results screens.  Included in our Site Marketing free internet account is Product Advertising.  You can place product images on your Advertising Page with hyperlinks to the exact page on your site for web surfers to see or buy.  “SEE THIS EXAMPLE.“ This Full Page Ad is called a Directory Link Page which is a separate HTML page we place on over 20 Business Directories. Click on this Full Page Ad Sign Up Link Today and Advertise your Web Site and your Services and Product Specials!


Advertise on Multiple Search Engines and on over 20 Business Directories

Web Surfers can find your Full Page Ad on the following 20 + Business Directories shown by clicking on the following link:   Full Page Ad  

Your Ad In The Search Engines.  Your Custom Text on your Advertising Page!

Your Full Page Ad, Advertising page, is called a Directory Link Page because it not only is on 20+ different business directories but is a separate HTML file that links into all the major search engines.  Your Full Page Ad includes you keywords which make it Search Engine Optimized (SE0) to improve your rankings in the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.   On your Directory Link Page, you can add 2 images with different hyperlinks off each image, 100 characters for the Title of your Advertising Page, 500 Characters of Text to describe your products, sales, Web Site or Business, and 100 characters for an Ad Caption that is found in the middle of our the Results Screen on all our Search Engines found on:,, and  

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