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FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions. (Applies to your free account after you sign up)  What is a Directory Link Page which holds my Full Page Ad?

We give you a Full Page Ad which you can customize with your images and text. This is also called a Directory Link Page since the page is added to over 20 Business Directories and links to Search Engines.

How do I change my Ad Caption and my Full Page Ad?   How often can I change my Ads?

Edit your Ads as often as desired.  Your Full Page Ad allows you to add 2 images (images can be hyperlinked into any page on your web site), 100 characters for a Title, and 500 characters to describe your Company or Services or Product specials. 

How Do I Turn On the Free Monthly Email on Advice and Tips for Search Engine Rankings?

In the UserProfile screen uncheck the check box called "Check the box to right to stop receiving our free monthly email on how to improve your search rankings". Checking this same checkbox will stop these monthly emails.

What If I Forget My Password?

Click on this link: . You will be taken to the Forgot Password screen where we will email you a new temporary password. When logging in with a temporary password you will be forced to change your password. Passwords are not case sensitive.

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